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Century Swift NX 550 ARF Electric RC Helicopter Best Price Online!

Century Swift NX 550 ARF Electric RC Helicopter Best Price Online!

Century Swift NX 550 ARF Electric RC Helicopter "Best Price On the WEB!"

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The Century Swift NX is an RC helicopter that is designed for beginners to advanced helicopter pilots. It comes 65% factory built so that the you can get to flying as quickly as possible. The drivetrain is equipped to handle the power of modern electric motors and power systems. From smooth hovering to 3D aerobatics, the Swift NX makes powerful performance affordable.

Century Swift NX Photos:

Century Swift NX Front Century Swift NX Side Frames
New sleek, aerodynamic canopy
with smoked windshield.
Solid single piece sideframes
with incorporated bearing capture slots.
Century Swift NX Top + Swashplate Century Swift NX Left Side Frame + Main Gears
Updated control system for improved response. New driven tail system
for added control during auto-rotations.
Century Swift NX Headblock Century Swift NX Landing Gear Upgrade
Upgraded headblock for increased durability. Upgraded landing gear
for increased support and durability.
Century Swift NX Batery Mounting Tray Century Swift NX Main Gears
Updated battery mounting system to bring CG higher for increased roll rates and battery protection. Triple bearing supported main shaft.
Century Swift NX Tail Boom + Tail Fin Century Swift NX Canopy & Decals

Key Features:
  • Lightweight yet extremely rigid plastic composite frames.
  • 120 degree CCPM for precise control.
  • CG is high up offering crisp rolling maneuvers.
  • Large electronics/battery tray is hidden underneath canopy for protection.
  • Auto-rotation bearing along with a driven tail hub comes standard.
  • Belt driven tail system for easy maintance and low cost repairs.
  • Tunable flight characteristics for stability or speed.
  • Canopy comes with high visibility decals and tinted windshield for monitoring electronics.


  • Length: 110.5cm (43.5")
  • Height: 36cm (14.2")
  • Width: 17.8cm (7.0")
  • Main rotor diameter: 124.5cm (49")
  • Tail rotor diameter: 210mm (8.25")
  • Main rotor blades: 520mm-560mm
  • Tail rotor blades: 75mm (2.9")


  • 1x 6-Channel or better Radio Transmitter System capable of 120 degree eCCPM mixing
  • 1x 6-Channel or better Receiver
  • 1x Receiver Battery or BEC
  • 1x Brushless Electric Motor
  • 1x 50 Amp or better Brushless ESC
  • 1x Pinion / Motor Gear
  • 4x Standard or better Servos
  • 1x Gyro (Heading Hold/Lock recommended)
  • 1x 4S-6S Li-Po or 12 Cell NiMH Battery
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x RC Helicopter Tools

Price:  $219.95


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