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RC Groups Discussion Board about the New Hyperion Li-PO's.

NOTHING COMPARES! The newest and best Li-PO technology on the market. Lasts up to 4X More Cycles than other Li-PO's!!!!!!

Perfect Li-PO for 400 class Helicopters.

Hyperion Generation 3 Lithium Polymer Packs are proving truly revolutionary in both performance and value. Compared to an average of the batteries on market last year, they provide up to up to 4x more cycles under the same discharge conditions. And that makes them a bargain price-wise.

The fact that they can be safely charged at up to 5C rates - for charge times as low as 10 to 12 minutes - is just icing on a very tasty cake.

These batteries were tested and improved over a 14 month period ---> Reference

But they also deliver the highest voltage and flattest discharge curves under load that we have ever seen, which makes them the best performer you can buy. And tests have shown that at the 70%-discharged point in flight, they are delivering as much as 40% more power than previous generation LiPo.

With charge rates at 5C after 100 charges on each cell size a significant difference in retained capacity or delivered voltage under load could not be seen compared to 2C charge rate for any of them. --> Reference

For longevity (any lipo) and faster charge times, it is advisable setting TCS (charged capacity) to 90%~95%. That drops the terminal voltage a bit, which insures the longest life from your batteries. Also, be sure to use STORE Mode if your batteries will sit for more than a day or two. And we recommend using Hyperion NET/DUO chargers, because they can do both the above, and are very accurate in terminal voltage. (and can charge at up to 5C, and have the WATT power to do it for many pack sizes and configurations).

The G3 packs are made with a new Hybrid RS construction technology, super-fine substrate materials, rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Control, and final cell matching process, which all guarantee you not only this superb performance, but also tightly balanced and long-lasting packs.

The vast majority of the RC lipo's on the market till now use an internal construction arrangement called "stacked". This results in quick-response delivery of high C rates, relatively low cost of production, and a relatively light battery. However, life-cycle performance is relatively poor with the stacked arrangement, and cells tend to drift faster (ie imbalance in a pack).

The other was a "rolled" technique. Rolled construction leads to longer life performance, but at higher cost of production and slightly reduced energy and power density.

G3 are the first to use a hybrid arrangement of rolled and stacked techniques. Combined with very fine and tightly controlled substrate mixtures, this hybrid is delivering both super power performance and many more usable cycles.

The G3 LiPo come in two series. "CX" 25C are appropriate for most models and deliver high capacity and power per gram at low cost. The "VX" 35C series is the one for applications that need the highest possible voltage maintained at high discharge rates; for example highly aerobatic 3D airplanes and helicopters, competition gliders, pylon racers, and some EDF jets.

Check'm out, you'll be glad you did.


  • Voltage: 11.1
  • C Rating : 35 - 77 Amps Continuous / 143 Amps Burst
  • mAh: 2200
  • Discharge Wire Size: 12awg
  • Balance Plug: Hyperion
  • Dimensions mm ( L x W X H ): 108 x 36 x 26.5
  • Weight: 189g

Click Here for datasheet.

Price:  $42.95


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